The remission of forfeiture due to the innocence of the taxpayer

The practice of blocking the amount of the VAT limit of taxpayers within the criminal proceedings is still extremely common.

Our client also found himself in this situation.

Despite of the fact that the decision of blocking was revoked by the appellate court within a month, the client lost the opportunity to register tax invoices in a timely manner during the term of the illegal arrest.

And there were more than 14,000 such invoices for a total amount of VAT of more than UAH 17 million!

It would seem that nerves and damaged reputation should be the only consequences of the case, however, misfortunes never come alone and the client also received a fine for late registration of tax invoices in the amount of UAH 2.5 million.

The attorneys of our Firm suggested to use the procedure of administrative appeal of the fine, taking into account the obvious innocence of the client and the scope of documentation that would require a trial.

The complaint filed by the attorney with a detailed argumentation of the client’s innocence and participation in its consideration gave the desired result for the client. He was freed from fine in the administrative order. This means faster (2 months) and with minimal resource costs.

Ruslana Pyvovarova
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