With the application of restrictive measures due to the introduction of national quarantine, legislators strengthened sanctions for offenses related to quarantine violations.

For example, the sanction of Article 44-3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, which provides for administrative liability for violation of quarantine, provides for a fine that is greater than the sanctions of 80% of crimes for which the criminal law provides for a fine.

At the same time, law enforcement officers have a wide range of powers to bring people to justice.

Unfortunately, as usual, such mechanisms continue to be used by law enforcement agencies both for the benefit of society and to the detriment of citizens and business. At the same time, such measures are mostly taken to implement the “plan of indicators” and report to the public on the implementation of “important tasks”.

Our client, an entrepreneur, faced just another case of plan execution and arbitrary interpretation of the law by police officers, as a result the latter initiated her prosecution for a “topical” offense.

Thus, carrying out permitted quarantine activities in food retail, our client had to become a participant in a brilliantly developed by police “special operation”, during which the client issued a material on an administrative offense, and as a result of the “special operation” the client was deprived of some time. opportunities to engage in legitimate economic activities.

At the same time, due to the timely measures taken by our specialists, the illegal activity of law enforcement officers was stopped, and according to the results of the trial, the case was closed due to the absence of signs of an offense in the client’s actions.

Unfortunately, the quarantine measures have been extended, and therefore the conditions under which law enforcement officers may allow such business harassment have been extended.

In such circumstances, we keep an ear to the ground and promptly respond to any manifestations of such activity in relation to our customers.

Ivan Kucher
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