It IS possible to beat the tax service out!

The case was in 2018, the client was taxed on real estate.
The sum surprised us. The income from the use of buildings for which the tax was imposed was less than the tax itself.

Thinking that it is something wrong in the tax calculators, the client took the documents for the real estate and went to the tax service with an application of reconciliation.
In response, he heard only: “So you sort of lease it and your technical passport is actually expired.”

After reviewing the case, we found out that the tax service applied the maximum possible rates without any grounds. And the amount of tax should be 5 times less!
It was decided to bring the case to court.

During the trial, the tax service went down swinging: three times (!) changed the complained acts on tax imposing, finding new grounds again and again, and each time they asked the court to close the case because the numbers and date of the decisions had changed.

But despite all the tricks, we managed to apply the correct tax rates in accordance with the purpose of the real estate and reduce the amount of tax by 5 times.
The decision was confirmed by all higher authorities.

The client was happy, we were pleased!

Ruslana Pyvovarova
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